Art Commission for Pembroke Pines begins!

Today we received our three aluminum panels to begin a triptych for the city of Pembroke Pines. Our project will reflect the local community in Pembroke Pines. Here are some images of us picking up the panel at the local logistics center in Beijing, China. 


Caochengdi Performance

“Air conditioner installation”

“Worker for hire”

“Space for rent”


Beijing is filled with these messages, which are posted with stickers, flyers and sometimes even spray paint. The ads are quickly taken down or buffed out with paint of various colors. The layers of messages being posted / canceled / posted again create a dense fabric in the city. Our work recreates this process in a five-hour performance in a gallery setting using messages that range from found to fictional. Our performance is a metaphor for ephemerality and the humor that arises from forces canceling each other out.