Kuhl and Leyton invite you to join them in considering spectacles of power, spectacles of crime, spectacles of tragedy, celebrity and hilarity. Images carefully removed from the shelves of public consciousness to be replicated, to be mapped, to be rearranged, to be hallucinated. Images sometimes in wild color and sometimes in the rigid focus of two tones. Images that hide questions behind a cavalcade of faces and forms. Images that may explode. 

Brad Kuhl and Monique Leyton grew up together in Miami, both attending DASH, the Design and Architecture Senior High School. They began their collaboration while both were students studying abroad in Cornell’s art department in Rome, Italy and have continued their collaboration in Beijing, China, where they live and toil at producing their body of work. 



2016     “Bang Bang” Performance, CCD 115, Caochengdi, Beijing

2016     “Speaking Foxes” Interactive Installation, CCD 115, Caochengdi, Beijing

2016     “Life in Songzhuang” Group exhibition, Songzhuang Museum, Songzhuang, China


2015     “Future of Art” Second International Young Artists' Exhibition, Zhongshan, China

2015     “Inside - Outside” Beijing Design Week Installation, Berry Beans, Beijing, China

2015     “Twitter IPO” Solo Exhibition, Workjam; Beijing, China

2015     Securities Enforcement Forum; Four Seasons Hotel, San Francisco